Men Tied Up and Milked is a site dedicated to videos of tied up men being milked dry by dominant women. Our videos feature naked men tied up and teased mercilessly with intense femdom handjobs before being milked of every last drop of their cum. Just check out the listings below for the very best videos of tied up men being milked...

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Female Domination Forced Milking by Female Police Officer

Female Domination Forced Milking

Policewoman Forced Hand Job Video - Click Here

Many guys who like femdom will probably have imagined getting a forced hand-job from a police woman. It’s a classic female domination fantasy which never loses its appeal. That's why today’s movie is going to be a safe bet with more or less each one of my readers. It is a classic of the genre and ought to require no introduction…

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Amazing Policewoman Milking Video - Watch Here.

Tied Up and Forced Hand-jobs - Forced to Cum

Tied Up and Forced Hand-jobs

Tied up Forced Milking Video - Click Here

I’m an enormous lover of restrained and forced handjobs, in particular movies of males being milked by dominating women. This video (see link above) features two girls tying a man to a milking table and giving him a forceful hand job until eventually he's forced to jizz. Having him fully tied up means they are able to do whatever they wish with his dick and he is powerless to do anything about it. With the first girl squeezing his testicles tightly the other wanks his dick intensely until eventually the thick white fluid sprays from his tip just like a water fountain.

I know you loved this video so please check out the link below for a huge selection of tied up and forced hand jobs. This collection of videos of men forced to ejaculate is among the finest you will see anyplace online. Just follow the link below and start downloading it now…

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Femdom Tease and Denial Handjob Vids To Download

Femdom Tease and Denial

Female Domination T&D Hand-job Movie - Watch Now

We generally focus here on forced hand-job movies however today I’ve gone for the femdom denial hand-job angle. Femdom t&d handjobs and forced handjobs are often two sides of the exact same orgasm control coin and I frequently get off on watching both. If you like a little femdom tease and denial too then you will love today’s movies. Just follow the link underneath the photo and begin downloading.

These vids are just a small sample of the enormous range of female domination hand job videos available at one of my preferred web-site. Many of these vids feature female domination t&d hand jobs, painful ruined male orgasms, male humiliation, abductions, forced premature ejaculation, penis control plus more. Simply click the link below to be taken to the hottest femdom hand-job site you have ever come across…

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Forced To Ejaculate By Forceful Hand-Job

Forced To Ejaculate

Girl Student Wanks Off Tutor - Click Here

This video download features a perverted teacher made to cum by way of a vigorous handjob from a female college student. The tutor bet his younger pupil that she could not jack him off in less than 10 mins. If she was successful he guaranteed her A grades for the rest of the year. If the girl failed she would have to suck his cock once a week right until the end of the term. Agreeing to the tutor's dare the hot college girl first made him strip completely naked and then lay on top of the mattress. The student then started off the clock and poured some baby oil on her fingers before rubbing it into his balls. As his cock stiffened the student made a ring round his ball bag with her thumb and forefinger and pulled his testicles away from his cock. At the same time the student began to grind her fingers against his frenum with her other hand.

By now the tutor was rock solid and battling to keep control. He couldn't believe this young student could possibly deliver this kind of intense hand job. While he attempted to concentrate on something else she started to repeatedly twist her fingers around the end of his dick - jerking and squeezing as hard as she could and also pulling hard on his rocks. It was too late, he unleashed a deafening groan as she wanked him one final time and forced the cum from his rigid cock. You can watch the full edition of this energetic handjob video by following this link...

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